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Our classes

Our studio offers a diverse range of dance classes for all ages and skill levels. From Prep Ballet (4-5 years) to Senior Ballet (14-17 years), our curriculum emphasizes technique, creativity, and artistic expression, all taught through the esteemed Vaganova method in classical ballet.

Adults of any age and gender can enjoy our inclusive Adult Ballet classes. Additionally, we offer Adult Ballet and Stretch classes for adults of all levels, promoting strength, flexibility, and inner well-being.

Join us for a dynamic and inclusive dance experience at our studio.


Join us for a dynamic and inclusive dance experience at our studio, where we proudly teach the esteemed Vaganova method in classical ballet.


Prep Ballet (4-5 years)

Prep Ballet provides structured instruction for young dancers aged 4-5 years. Students learn the fundamental principles of ballet, focusing on basic movements, posture, and terminology. While maintaining a structured approach, creativity and self-expression are encouraged, ensuring that children enjoy their classes while developing essential ballet skills and building lasting friendships.


Primary Ballet (6-8 years)

Primary Ballet classes emphasize elegant movement, fostering grace and artistic expression in young dancers aged 6-8 years. Rooted in the Vaganova method, our training is tailored for various skill levels, from beginners to aspiring professionals. Students learn proper posture, positions, and terminology while integrating musicality and expression into their dance, setting a strong foundation for their ballet journey.

Junior Ballet (9-10 years)

Junior Ballet, following the Vaganova method, introduces intricate movements and enhances technique. Students aged 9-10 years take a significant step in their ballet journey by focusing on flexibility, strength, and artistic expression. In addition to technical skills, students explore ballet variations and storytelling through dance, conveying emotions and fostering artistic expression.

Intermediate Ballet (11-13 years)

Our Intermediate Ballet classes welcome students aged 11-13 with diverse levels of ballet experience. Whether you're new to ballet or have a strong foundation, these classes focus on refining technique, introducing advanced steps, turns, and jumps. This stage celebrates progress in your dance journey, laying the groundwork for potential exploration of pointe work.

Senior Ballet (14-17 years)

Our Senior Ballet classes cater to students aged 14-17, embracing diverse backgrounds and skill levels on their journey to becoming accomplished dancers. Experience rigorous training, including advanced techniques, elevated artistic expression, and enhanced performance skills. Delve into the world of advanced ballet variations and repertoire, gaining the skills and experience that can pave the way for potential careers in dance, regardless of your starting point.

Repertoire Classes

ballerina turning back

Repertoire Classes

Our Repertoire classes transform ballet enthusiasts of all levels. Exploring iconic classical  ballets, emphasizing artistic expression and storytelling through dance. Fostering collaboration and stage presence, these classes unlock potential as a dancer and artist.


Character Dance Intermediate Group (11-13 years)

We introduce young dancers between the ages of 11 and 13 to the enchanting world of character dance. This specialized form of dance is a fusion of folk dance movements and styles, designed to add a unique dimension to their ballet training. As an integral part of their classical ballet curriculum, our young dancers will immerse themselves in character dance, enhancing their understanding of the narratives in ballets while building strength and musicality. Additionally, this age group will focus on developing the fundamental coordination skills necessary for a well-rounded dance education.


Character Dance Advanced Group (14-17 years)

Character dance takes on a new dimension for dancers aged 14 to 17. Building on their previous experience, this age group explores character dance with a deeper level of nuance and artistry. Drawing from a rich tapestry of folk dance movements and styles, character dance becomes a means for these older dancers to convey complex emotions and narratives in ballet. It is a specialized component of our classical ballet curriculum, enriching their appreciation of storytelling through dance while honing physical strength and musicality. At this stage, character dance also plays a pivotal role in refining coordination, equipping them to excel as versatile and expressive dancers.


adult ballet dance class

Adult Ballet

Open to All Adults, Regardless of Age and Gender

Our inclusive class provides personalized guidance for adults of all backgrounds and experience levels. Enjoy the beauty of ballet in a non-judgmental environment while improving flexibility, balance, and strength.

Stretch Classes for Adults

Our Stretch Classes are designed for all levels. Our instructors guide you through a flexibility journey, enhancing both your dance skills and overall well-being with safe and effective techniques. Dynamic stretches are inspired by dance and yoga. Whether you're a dancer or just looking to boost flexibility, our Stretch Classes cater to all. Expect a friendly, supportive atmosphere, expert guidance, and a flexibility boost that'll leave you feeling fantastic!

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