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Studio hire

Looking for a spacious and well-equipped venue for your upcoming event? Look no further than The Centre of Dance in Bulimba. Whether it's ballet or yoga, our two expansive studios come complete with ballet bars, mirrors, professional Tarkett dance flooring and air conditioning, making them ideal for your event!

Venue Facilities:

The Centre of Dance in Bulimba boasts two generously sized studios, perfect for various activities:

✓ Fully Air Conditioned

✓ Mirrors

✓ Tarkett Flooring

✓ Easy Accessibility to Toilet Facilities

✓ Off Street Parking


Hire this space for:

  • Workshops

  • Performing Arts Auditions

  • Group Rehearsals & Training

  • Photography and Film Shoots

  • + More

  • Studio 1:​

    • Size: 88m2

    • Dimensions 13.5x6.5 m

    • Features: ballet barres, vinyl flooring, mirrors, air-conditioning

    • Ideal for ballet, dance rehearsals, and more

    • Hourly Rate: $45 per hour

  • Studio 2:

    • Size: 41m2

    • Dimensions 5.3x7.7m

    • Features: mirrors, air-conditioning

    • Suitable for yoga, movement workshops, and other activities

    • Hourly Rate: $30 per hour


Hire Fees & Availability:

Our studio space is available for hire outside of our regular class schedules, subject to availability. To check availability, please refer to The Centre of Dance in Bulimba timetable.

Contact us to check availability.

studio hire - ballet dance in bulimba

Studio 1


Studio 2

The Centre of Dance Studio
The  Centre of Dance Studio 2
The Centre of Dance
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