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  1. Introduction

    1.1. These terms and conditions establish the guidelines for participating in the studio dance classes offered by The Centre Of Dance PTY LTD.

    1.2. Participation in the classes implies the acceptance of these terms, incorporating any subsequent updates.

    1.3. The Centre Of Dance PTY LTD (ABN 51670842896) holds exclusive ownership of the studio dance classes.

    1.4. Participants are obligated to provide accurate registration information, including emergency contact details.

    1.5. Age restrictions may necessitate parental/carer involvement for minors' registration, payment, and participation.

    1.6. By registering, participants agree to receive communications from The Centre Of Dance PTY LTD and affiliated third-party providers.

    1.7. Promotions are subject to time limitations, may change without notice, and are at the sole discretion of The Centre Of Dance PTY LTD.

  2. Class Participation

    2.1. Classes operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and participant numbers may be regulated based on guidelines.

    2.2. Participants acknowledge the voluntary and physically demanding nature of classes, assuming personal risk.

    2.3. Latecomers may be denied entry; supplementary materials are accepted at personal risk.

    2.4. The Centre Of Dance PTY LTD bears no responsibility for property damage or loss; participants are accountable for their belongings.

    2.5. Participants relinquish the right to sue for injury, damage, or death, acknowledging personal responsibility.

  3. Fees and Refund Policy

    3.1. Fees are due before class participation and are final, non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-extendable.

    3.2. Participants grant permission to use personal information and images for marketing purposes.

    3.3. The studio is not liable for technical malfunctions affecting participation.

    3.4. Recording, downloading, or sharing class content without written permission is strictly prohibited.

  4. Termination of Enrolment Policies

    4.1. The Centre Of Dance reserves the right to refuse entry, terminate enrolment for various reasons, and retain payments.

    4.2. Termination reasons include inappropriate behaviour, abuse, inability to meet needs, breaches of terms, and non-payment.

  5. Pickup and Dropoff Policies

    5.1. Safety is prioritised; waiting students must stay inside the facility.

    5.2. Guardians wait outside under busy conditions; prompt arrival and pickup are essential.

    5.3. Consideration for neighbouring businesses and the community is urged during pickup and dropoff.

  6. Lateness Policies

    6.1. Participants are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time. Latecomers may be refused entry.

    6.2. The Centre Of Dance PTY LTD has established specific time limits for acceptable lateness based on age groups:

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    - For participants aged 2-5 years, a grace period of up to 10 minutes is accepted. -Participants aged 6-17 years have a 5-minute allowance for late arrivals. - Adults attending classes are permitted a 5-minute window for tardiness.

  7. Trial Class and Make-up Classes Policy:

    7.1. Trial classes are extended to potential students, and reservations are required in advance.

    7.2. Prospective students can experience a trial class to assess suitability and interest.

    7.3. To secure a trial class, participants must make advance reservations.

    7.4. The purpose of the trial class is to provide insight into the studio's offerings and teaching style.

    7.5. Make-up classes are permissible within one term, scheduled for the last weekend of the term.

    7.6. Each participant is allowed one make-up class per term.Should be booked for last Sunday of each term.

    7.7. To avail of a make-up class, participants must adhere to the scheduling guidelines provided for their respective age group (2-5 years, 6-17 years).

    7.8. Make-up classes offer flexibility for participants to compensate for missed sessions due to unforeseen circumstances.

    7.9. Participants must inform the studio in advance if they intend to utilise a make-up class.

  8. Viewing Policy

    8.1. Viewing is restricted to the last week of each term; exceptions require permission from the Head Teacher.

  9. Photography Policy & Disclaimer

    9.1. Participants may be photographed and/or recorded; The Centre Of Dance PTY LTD has the right to use images for marketing.

  10. Parental Support

    10.1. Parental support is vital; discussions with teachers can be scheduled via email.

  11. Privacy

    11.1. The Centre Of Dance does not sell or supply customer information without permission.

  12. Phone Policy

    12.1. Filming before class is permitted; no phones during class.

  13. Fee Structure Clarification

    13.1. Fees are an integral part of the registration process, non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-extendable.

  14. Electricity Malfunction Policy

    14.1. In the event of an electricity malfunction, participants will receive a make-up class based on schedule availability for adults.

    14.2. Make-up class for electricity malfunction will be held on the last Sunday of the term.

  15. Refund Eligibility Criteria

    15.1. Refunds are available if the centre cancels an event/class or under exceptional circumstances with supporting documentation.

  16. Non-Refundable Situations

    16.1. Refunds do not apply to breaches of terms or change of mind.

Photography Policy & Disclaimer


Every person, including dancers, may be photographed and/or recorded while at The Centre of Dance due to the proliferation of photographic/video devices carried and used by those visiting our studio. As a result, The Centre of Dance cannot reasonably control all who take photographs or record videos at our studio and is therefore powerless to guarantee 100% that photos/videos will not be taken, including of those who may not want their or their child's photo/video taken.Participants grant The Centre of Dance Pty Ltd the right to use personal information and images, including still and video footage, for marketing and communication purposes deemed reasonable by The Centre of Dance Pty Ltd. Project image release forms may be issued to participants if The Centre of Dance Pty Ltd wishes to expand the use of personal information and images beyond reasonable marketing and communication purposes.


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